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Light Spacing

Ensuring that light spacing is optimized guarantees the best possible results from your SunBlaster lights. SunBlaster T5HO lights with NanoTech Reflectors deliver light at a 103 degree angle, which means the distance from the plant canopy to the light should be 40 percent of the width of the illuminated surface for optimal coverage.


The wider angle of the LED Strip Lights, and their cooler operating temperatures allows you to get closer to your plant canopy while delivering equal light coverage to a T5HO; 35 percent of the width of the illumated surface from canopy to light provides optimal coverage. In high density systems, this can mean an extra shelf of growing space is now possible.


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Using Nanodomes

Upgrade your current humidity domes to SunBlaster Nanodomes, and you will wonder how you ever grew without them! The integrated H-channel is designed to hold both our T5HO lights with reflectors, as well as our LED Strip Lights. This keeps your lights secure, and optimally positioned away from plants to ensure even light distribution and optimal growth. 


Stability is where these domes really shine, these rigid domes are more resistant to buckling and cracking than standard domes, and stacking more domes on top of lights not only allows for extremely dense seedling starting setups, it allows the heat from lights to aid in speeding germination of trays above. 


Available in 4" and 7", all our Nanodomes feature two adjustable humidity vents, and H-track light guide.


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Attaching Clips

SunBlaster T5HO and LED Strip Lights are designed to work with SunBlaster clips to securely mount your lights with confidence that they will stay put for years, yet can easily and quickly be removed if a change in setup is warranted. 


We offer a number of clip options for a variety of growing situations, but all clips attach the same way, with a firm snap!


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