Growing Trays and Domes

Garden Accessories

Our Garden trays are designed to work with our self-wicking GrowLight Gardens. All feature raised feet and drainage holes to keep roots happy, healthy and optimally hydrated

Item # Description
0514ST Growlight Tray
  Micro Growlight Tray


1020 Domes

Our vented domes feature patented channels to hold out T5 and LED Strip Lights securely, allowing domes to be stacked and configured in ways you never thought possible before!

Item # Description
7 Inch High NanoDome


1020 Trays

Ultra thick for superior durability, these trays won't fold or buckle, even when fully loaded you can carry them with just one hand!

Item # Description
Quad Thick 1020 Tray
1020QS Quad Thick Seed Tray
Double Thick 1020 Tray
1020DS Double Thick Seed Tray

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