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At SunBlaster Lighting we bring the best of natural lighting indoors, providing the best that mother nature has to offer, anywhere you want it, anytime you need it.


And just like mother nature's naturally changing sunlight, SunBlaster provides a variety of seasonal type light to provide exactly the right light that is needed for any growing application.


Growers in all types of applications, aeroponic, hydroponic and soilless applications benefit from SunBlaster lighting products.


No matter what you want to grow, or where you want to grow it, give your indoor plants the light they deserve  with our SunBlaster Horticultural lighting products and accessories.


You'll be amazed at the innovative ways SunBlaster products can help you grow bigger, healthier plants faster!


Over the years we have introduced a variety of innovative lighting products to the Indoor Home & Garden industries. SunBlaster T5 high output lighting fixtures, and SunBlaster CFL self-ballasted lamps are great examples of our commitment to providing growers with the best possible lighting for their growing needs.


2016 promises to be a very exciting  year as we prepare to introduce and roll out what could some of the best products we have made yet!


We have helped establish a very strong and growing market for the exploding Urban Gardening culture.


When you purchase a SunBlaster Lighting product, you can rest assured that you are buying a product that has been thoroughly researched, engineered and tested in real world applications.

"Growing indoors has never been easier, faster or more healthy than it is today."

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