If you are legal to grow, we can help.

SunBlaster Lighting has been in the business of propagation and growth for over two decades now. We have been designing, manufacturing and supplying Indoor Grow Lighting to a wide variety of clientele across North America as well as the UK and Europe.


We  specialize in propagation and growth with our SunBlaster Full Spectrum lighting and horticultural products that make Growing Indoors both easy and successful.


In 2019 we will introduce our SB|420 LED Strip Lights with our Craft Cannabis Spectrum.

Designed for a single purpose: Growing the Best possible Cannabis Indoors.

Grow Responsibility.


SunBlaster Horticultural products include:

  • LED Strip Lights
  • T5HO Strip Lights
  • T5HO Replacement Lamps
  • T5LED Conversion Lamps
  • Heavy Duty 1020 Propagation Trays - Double Thick
  • Super Duty 1020 Propagation Trays - Quad Thick
  • Humidity Domes for seedlings & clones 
  • Heated Propagation Mats & Controllers

Commercial Products

SunBlaster provides Commercial availability of our most popular Horticultural products and Lighting Kits. There is no Commercial operator that will not benefit their operations from our SunBlaster products. With Decades of growing experience we are sure to assist and bring value and resources to your operation without fail.  


SunBlaster Lighting products have been incorporated into a wide variety of Growing Systems and a  Vertical Indoor Growing applications.


Grow Cannabis Indoors 

Times have changed, our customers have changed, and so has SunBlaster. Well actually, we are still the same great company we have always been, we just added a couple of New products to serve the New Market we find ourselves in.


"It's not like we didn't see it coming."


As a Canadian Company our roots have always been in developing products that make successful Indoor Growing a simple task, not rocket science. If you are looking for products that  that require a horticultural or perhaps astrophysics degree to understand and operate, this is probably not the place for you.


We develop products that are easy to understand, perform as promised and deliver the results desired.

That is what our customers have asked us for, and that is what we deliver. 



We have spent the last few years in research and development of our LED Strip Lighting for next generation of Cannabis Growers.


This is a dual market that includes both Residential and Commercial Growers.

SunBlaster products are designed and work amazingly for both.

  • If you are a Commercial Grower who wants to produce the same High Quality Cannabis that experienced home growers have achieved for years for your Commercial Operation - We can help
  • If you are a Home Grower who wants to produce the same High Quality Cannabis for your personal consumption that you have been buying from Commercial Producers - We can help




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