T5HO Replacement Lamps

We recommend replacing your SunBlaster T5HO lamps every 10,000 hours of use to insure maximum growing output.

Just because they look bright, doesn't mean they grow right. Lighting might look bright to us as humans, plants see it differently.







12" T5HO Replacement lamps (305 mm)   0900351   0900350    
18" T5HO Replacement lamps (457 mm)   0900356   0900354    
24" T5HO Replacement lamps (610 mm)   0900220   0900175 0900226  
36" T5HO Replacement lamps (914 mm)   0900221   0900176 0900230  
48" T5HO Replacement lamps (1219 mm)   0900222   0900177 0900234 0900065

*Length refers to the size of the fixture, actual bulb length will be shorter.

Growing Tips for Fluorescent Lamps

Rotate your plants each week.

The light from a fluorescent lamp is more intense at the center of the lamp than it is at the ends.


Clean your fluorescent bulbs each month.

Dust and dirt can dramatically decrease the amount of light emitted.


Replace fluorescent lamps when the ends darken.

That means the tube is old and the light output may be less than half of a new lamps.


Place your hand where the light hits the foliage.

If you feel any warmth, the light maybe too close.

Lamps with Spectrum Graphs

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