Available Fall of 2018

 SunBlaster’s SBLED|45 is the ideal choice for advanced growers who demand higher quality light output, reduced operating costs, lower energy consumption, increased end of life performance with virtually zero maintenance and no replacement for 50,000 hours.


SunBlaster’s SBLED|45 instantly converts T5HO fluorescent driven lighting fixtures to High Quality LED Horticultural output in a just seconds. 100% compatible with all remote and self-ballasted T5HO lighting fixtures.


Nothing could be easier!

Our SunBlaster purpose built SBLED|45 maximizes all T5HO Horticultural Lighting fixtures performance while providing the highest quality Full Spectrum lighting selection available.


SunBlaster SBLED|45's will be available in a variety of spectrums, lengths and wattages.

First out of the gate will be our 2', 3' and 4' lengths 

  • Start   ~ tuned to get your seedlings, cuttings or clones off to their very best starts 
  • Grow  ~ tuned for rapid growth, enhancing root, stem and leaf structures
  • Finish ~ tuned for finishing, whether you are: flowering, fruiting, blooming or budding

Immediate Benefits

  • Instant Upgrade - convert in just seconds
  • Improved lighting spectrum and output
  • Energy saving via decreased consumption
  • Drop dead simple installation / conversion
  • Heat reduction lowering operating costs even further
  • Increased lifetime – 3 - 5 times longer saving labor, maintenance expense
  • Purpose built T5HO driven LEDs made for each other
  • Safe & easy upgrade 100% safe installation and operation
  • HF compatibility – works with High Frequency Electronic T5HO Ballasts
  • Diffused or ClearMax lens – get the light you need without a doubt
  • Three Year hassle free warranty

This is the most cost effective LED upgrade for T5HO Horticultural fixtures today.

Better Performance

Better Performance because we designed our SBLED|45 Conversion lamps from the ground up.



Building a better lamp took some time.

Better Cooling

Better Cooling because we took the time to build a better and more efficient heat sink for our SunBlaster SBLED|45 Conversion Lamps.


These are no off the shelf LED T5 replacement lamps. 

Better Spectrums

Better Spectrums because today's Modern Growers demand the right light for the right stage of growth. We get it.



 Available in three plant and stage specific outputs.

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