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LED STRIP LIGHTS SunBlaster’s world-class team of lighting experts, global sourcing and manufacturing partners have completed the task of creating the finest Horticultural LED lighting available for today’s Indoor Growing Enthusiasts and Professionals.   Designed to maximize overall performance, economy and extend longevity, while providing the best possible lighting for all Indoor Horticultural applications without fail or compromise. 


Using only High Output LED’S from Japan’s most prominent and respected manufacturer is an example of SunBlaster’s commitment to superior quality and performance.  


SunBlaster LED Strip Lights utilize (SCT) our  Self-Cooling Technology to create the most advanced Horticultural lighting available today. SunBlaster's self-cooling  technology allowed  engineers to push the lighting output to the desired levels without creating unwanted heat, or wasting valuable electronic resources running cooling fans or other unwanted devices.


SunBlaster LED Strip Lights are the next generation in propagation and grow lighting answering the need for advanced lighting options across a vast array of growing applications.  


Where the future is growing.

LED Strip Lights

Our new LED Strip Lights deliver over 95% efficiency in a self-cooling unit  that redefines what is possible in LED lighting technology! Fully compatable with all SunBlaster T5 accessories and lighting system.   

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T5HO Combo's

T5 Sunblaster lighting sy7stems are self balasted and able to be linked, allowing up to 8 units to share a single plug. Our proprietary Nanotech Reflector increases the light available to plants up to 48%!

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Big Watt CFL's

Compact Florescent lighting systems from SunBlaster allow any available lighting socket or lamp to be a grow light! with sizes ranging from 13 to 200 watts, we have a grow light to fit any space.

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Universal Accessories

Designed to be used with both our LED and T5 series products seamlessly, our lighting accessories truly earn the name Universal. Whether it is hanging a single light or mounting seven lights horizontally, our SunBlaster Universal Accessories have a solution ready for your unique and ever changing growing needs.

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