LED & T5HO Strip Light ~ Accessories

These thin but sturdy metal design holds your lights firmly, and takes practically no vertical space away from your lighting installation, allowing you to get the most plant in the least amount of space. Always use 2 clips per light for a secure, stable installation.



Ideal for suspending  your SunBlaster lighting overhead, simply use a simple "S" hook or similar to suspend your lighting over your target area. The Hanging clips simply snap on to the ballast of your SunBlaster T5HO or our New LED Strip lighting. Always use 2 clips per light for a secure, stable installation.



SunBlaster T5HO and LED Strip Lights can be linked together from a single power cord. Up to eight units can be linked together as needed. This handy accessory link cord is ideal for getting the right distance between lighting in a variety of applications.

14" - Item#0900295

24" - Item#0900239

36" - Item#0900240

SunBlaster T5HO lighting kits and combos come in standard in 2' 3' and 4' lengths, these are the most poplar sizes.  You may have a custom application that you would like to have a continuous run of lighting, not interrupted by a linking cord. That's where our Solid Link connectors come in. Use the Solid Link connectors between two 4' SunBlaster T5's and you now have an 8'  T5, add another and you have 12', add another 16' and so on. Remember you can link up to and including 8 SunBlaster T5HO lighting kits or Combo's form a single power source. 


Power cord for with switch for all SunBlaster T5HO and LED Strip Lights. 6' in length and includes a on/off switch. Remember a single power cord can be used to run up to units that are interconnected via our linking cords.

Item #0900241

The Universal Strip Light Stand allows you to set the exact lighting height to get your seedlings or fresh cuttings off to their best starts. Simple adjustment makes setting the correct height quick and easy. Made of durable injection molded plastic and powder coated rust proof aluminum to provide years of dependable performance in your growing environment. Designed to work with both SunBlaster T5HO and LED Strip Lights.

Item #0900095

Getting more light where you need it has never been easier! The unique design of these light strips make mounting the light you need, a snap, and removes the need for cumbersome metal shades that not only weigh a lot, but also trap heat and block your view of your garden or propagation areas.

Item #0900099

The SunBlaster Light Timer is a 24 hour mechanical timer. With twice the number of control pins of a standard mechanical timer, this timer gives you unrivaled 15 minute precision. Non-removable timer pin design keeps pins safe and secure. Grounded outlet allows a wider variety of appliances to be used. Includes override switch.

Item #1400599

Hang Its make light height adjustment a breeze! clip on designed ensures complete compatibility with any lighting system you may have, and the heavy duty  construction allows for up to 34 kg (75 lbs) per Hang It, so you never have to worry about lights falling and damaging plants or people!

Item #0900287

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